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Dr. Dan Gleason

P1000841_1_1.JPGDr. Gleason was introduced to chiropractic care more than 35 years ago. While attending the University of Michigan College of Engineering he suffered from sciatica and was unable to get relief from conventional medicine. After graduation he was injured on a construction site. His low back injury led him to a chiropractor who helped heal his back injury as well as his sciatica. He was so impressed with the results that he decided to pursue chiropractic as a profession. Upon graduation from Palmer College of Chiropractic he returned to his hometown and opened his practice in 1978.

2004_1209Image0012.JPGDr. Gleason uses an engineering approach to solving your health problems. This means uncovering the cause of the problems as opposed to treating the symptoms. Using a benefit vs. risk analysis, he weighs the advantages of each treatment against the side effects. He also takes into account the financial costs of your various options. Evaluating all aspects of your case, he considers your medical history, diet, exercise and response to stress. Then he incorporates the results of chiropractic and kinesiology exams. He not only reviews your X-rays, MRIs, Cat Scans, and lab tests (even when they come from your other doctors) but takes the time to discuss them with you and explain what they mean. Together you and Dr. Gleason will develop an individualized, holistic treatment plan-your personal path back to health.

Dr. Dan Weessies

Dr. Weessies first experienced chiropractic as a small child when adjustments eliminated his asthma.  From those early beginnings he realized the amazing healing potential of the body.

He has earned two undergraduate degrees: a Bachelor's degree in Telecommunications from Michigan State University in 2005 and a Bachelor of Science in Life Science from Logan Chiropractic College in 2009. Continuing his studies, Dr Weessies graduated cum laude from Logan Chiropractic College in 2011. Recently, he received a post-graduate Masters degree in Sports Science and Rehabilitation from Logan College in 2012.

Utilizing Applied Kinesiology, dietary and supplemental nutrition protocols, and a broad range of chiropractic techniques, Dr. Weessies focus is treating the whole patient. 

Dr. Weessies interests outside of chiropractic care include running, hiking, biking, hunting, golf, and spending time with family and friends.

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