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Appointment Options

To best suit our patients' individual needs, we offer five different types of visits.

    •    New Patient Visit, $165. Initially, each patient has a one-hour consultation with Dr. Gleason, Dr. Weessies and their staff. This visit includes an evaluation of the patient's health history, chiropractic and kinesiological exams. Time permitting, patients also receive their first adjustment. Allocating that much one-on-one time for the initial visit drastically reduces the total number of visits so that a typical case may be resolved in just six to eight visits.
    •    Consultation Visit, $150. Patients who have submitted saliva, hair or other tests will be scheduled for a consultation to interpret their results. These 45-50 minute visits will also include an audio tape of the conversation between the patient and Dr. Gleason or Dr. Weessies.
    •    Extended Visit, $130. Typically, we schedule the second visit for a 30-minute appointment to allow time for more testing and history. Established patients often request this type of appointment if they wish to have more time with the doctor.
    •    Intermediate Visit, $110. These appointments last 20 minutes and are recommended for established patients who are dealing with complicated problems or multiple conditions.
    •    Short Visit, $55. These appointments last 10 minutes and are recommended for established patients who have seen Dr. Gleason or Dr. Weessies recently and have a specific area of concern.

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