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What to Expect

Chiropractic care is an alternative way to think about your health and wellbeing.  We will welcome you to The Gleason Center whenever you need our help. A typical injury case takes 6-8 visits to resolve. Long-standing problems may take more time.

Treatment and recovery happen in stages:

Phase 1: Relief CareDSCF5988_1.JPG
If you are in pain our first objective is to help you feel better as soon as possible.

Phase 2: Restorative Care

During this phase of care:

  1. Muscles will be strengthened and balanced
  2. Bones will be maintained in alignment
  3. Tissues will be allowed to heal
  4. Stability will be achieved
Phase 3: Wellness Care

After full recovery, many patients choose periodic adjustments to stay feeling great and prevent relapses. Others return for a few visits at the first signs of trouble. Either way you are always welcome at The Gleason Center.

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