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Patient Forms

When you first come to our office, our staff will welcome you as a member of our family. We will request that you complete the patient forms found here in the Patient Center. This paperwork provides us with your health history and information on your condition.

2004_1209Image0014_2_1.JPGInitial Visit

Next, you will have a consultation with Dr. Gleason and his staff, who will review your health history, test results, and any imaging studies you bring in. Together, we will discuss your health-related problems, concerns, and potential testing and treatment options. If time permits Dr. Gleason will also conduct an initial examination and treatment. 



Dr. Gleason will use Applied Kinesiology to test muscle strength and postural imbalances along with a standard chiropractic tests such as reflexes, flexibility, and palpation. Additional neurological, orthopedic, postural, and physical tests may be performed as well.

Imaging Studies

Depending on your specific condition, we may refer you for X-rays or other imaging.  X-rays can help us develop  the most effective treatment plan for you and alert us of  any serious spinal conditions. Whether we order your studies or look at those you bring in, Dr. Gleason will take the time to review them with you and explain the implications for your health.


Personal Treatment Plan

During your initial visit, Dr. Gleason will consider which tests, treatments, or imaging may be needed to develop a treatment plan that's tailored to you. This may include: hormonal or nutritional tests, additional imaging, at-home exercises and/or stretches, diet modifications, ice or heat application, and certain activities or positions to avoid. Dr. Gleason and his staff will work with you to create healthy habits and routines that fit your lifestyle.  

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