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Applied Kinesiology

What is Applied Kinesiology? The word kinesiology is derived from the Greek words kines, for motion, and ology, which means scientific study. Kinesiology is the study of how the body moves. Your posture, your muscle strengths, and the way you move become primary diagnostic indicators for the applied kinesiologist.

When you are sick or in pain it means that something is the matter. Many people are frustrated with simply getting a diagnosis and a prescribed drug to mask their symptoms. Drs. Gleason and Weessies find that most of their patients want to know WHY they are experiencing their problems and WHAT they can do to relieve them. The driving questions in applied kinesiology are WHY and WHAT.

Why do I hurt?
What are the underlying causes?
Why can't I recover?
What things can I do to regain my health?
Our doctors use postural analysis and manual muscle testing to evaluate the way each patient's body functions. Each muscle they test is related to the skeleton, producing movement and posture. Each muscle gives feedback to counterbalance its opponent muscle. In addition to the musculo-skeletal system, each muscle also relates to a specific organ through the acupuncture or meridian system.

When combined with each patient's history, diagnostic imaging, lab test results, and physical examination, this body language is used to identify the underlying cause of health problems. Treatment includes spinal adjustments, muscle balancing techniques, pressure points, diet changes, nutritional supplements, exercise, visualization and affirmations.

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