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Detoxification Programs

What causes toxicity? Every day environmental toxins enter our bodies from pesticides, petrochemicals, drg1_1.jpgheavy metals like mercury, household cleaning products, detergents, and hormones in our cosmetics and food. During regular activity our bodies produce toxic waste products including dead cellular debris and hormones such as testosterone and estrogen.

drg3_1.jpgAlthough the human body is designed to be "self-cleaning," we all differ in our ability to remove harmful external and internal chemicals. That means that while some people are relatively free of toxins, others with the same lifestyle may be drowning in an ocean of poisons.

How do I know if I need to detoxify? Dr. Gleason and Dr. Weessies recommend testing that can determine your toxic load  such as urinary heavy metal and saliva hormone tests. You may be more inclined to build up toxins in your body if you have any of the following:

  • A history of toxic exposure
  • Certain conditions such as ADD, Autism, Parkinsonism, and hormone problems
  • A history of consuming toxic food
  • Hormone imbalances

DSCF6960_1.JPGWhat does detoxification entail? During our 3-week program patients eat mostly organic fruits and vegetables, drink tasty detox shakes, and take nutritional supplements that safely and effectively support cleansing. We offer detox classes three times each year for those who appreciate the structure and support of a class. (See Upcoming Events for schedule.)

DSCF6973_1.JPGWhat are the benefits of detoxifying? After completing our detox program, patients report many benefits including:
    * Increased energy
    * Normalized appetite
    * Weight loss
    * Pain relief
    * Improved memory
    * Better sleep


How do I maintain the benefits of cleansing? To maintain the full benefits, we recommend that our patients make significant changes in their diet and lifestyle. Since accumulated toxins lead to inflammation, we suggest that you choose foods that are anti-inflammatory using our Inflammation Trade-off Table. Lifestyle changes found in Grandmother's Rules to Live By can also promote your body's natural, ongoing detoxification.

P1000843_1.JPGHow can I make my environment less toxic? There are many non-toxic household products that are inexpensive and readily available. Take a toxics tour of each of the rooms in your home and find out about safe substitutes you can use by consulting Environmental Working Group.

How often can I detoxify? Some patients choose to detox yearly while others more often and for more extended lengths of time.  After doing a three week program other options include:

  • Detoxify one week a month
  • Detoxify one day a week
  • Half-tox with one shake a day
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