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Your Personal Path to Health

Dr. Gleason, Dr. Weessies and our health coaches take a comprehensive approach from the basis of healing, and use cutting edge tests to determine each individual's health issues. We use the acronym FITNESS to focus on 7 factors.

  • F stands for food intolerance/gut dysbiosis

  • I stands for inflammation/stealth infection

  • T stands for toxins/liver detox capacity
  • N stands for neurotransmitter imbalances

  • E stands for endocrine (hormones)
  • S stands for stress/sleep disruptions
  • S stands for sugar/insulin resistance.

P1000926_1.JPGAfter taking a health history and reviewing existing lab results, we ask each patient to complete a personal health assessment that helps us to determine which of the above factors are involved. You can click on the above link, print out the form, complete the assessment and bring it with you for your appointment with Dr. Gleason or Dr. Weessies.

php2zaZEFPM_1.jpgAfter determining which of these factors apply to you, we help you decide which laboratory testing, such as the Comprehensive Metabolic Profile, is right for you.

We also use other tools that help us to identify problems and monitor progress such as the Tanita scale. When a patient stands on it and grips the handles, it measures not only weight but body composition, fat mass, metabolic rate, and hydration level.



Website_008_1.jpgOur health coaches provide expertise to deal with the complexity of your individual issues and the structure to achieve success through regular meetings with you. In turn, you will commit to getting optimum exercise, learning about diet and nutrition, and being willing to change your behavior. We recommend the Xiser to maximize the benefits of your workout.

How do I get started? The first step is a personal visit with your health coach.  There is no charge for this visit. In 15 minutes we will answer your questions and show you how Your Personal Path to Health can help you achieve and maintain your optimum weight and health.

What makes our program more effective than other health maintenance programs?
 It is built on Dr. Gleason's success working with patients over more than 30 years.

Four components will assist you in regaining your health and maintaining your optimal weight:

  1. Dr. Gleason and Dr. Weessies's diagnosis and interpretation

  2. A personalized protocol based on tests including the Comprehensive Metabolic Profile

  3. A personal health coach who will be your partner throughout the entire process

  4. An individualized exercise program

You can't meet a lifelong challenge with a quick fix, but you can make lasting progress through a partnership with Dr. Gleason, Dr. Weessies and our staff. Please see Upcoming Events for further information about Your Personal Path to Health.

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