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We at The Gleason Center are constantly striving to integrate personalized care with recent advances in natural healing. Our latest treatment modality is a laser instrument for healing deep tissue injuries and skin lesions. It is programmed for each patient's individual condition based on Dr. Gleason's prescription. This non-invasive therapy is absolutely painless and can be used on patients of any age for the following conditions:

  • Sciatica, lumbago, tennis elbow
  • Peri-arthritis, tendinitis, myositis
  • Arthritis, degeneration, bursitis
  • Trauma, bruising, swelling, sprains and strains
  • Burns, edema, varicose ulcers, and bedsores

When a cell is injured by trauma or inflammation its mitochondrial power plants become exhausted and the cell becomes dormant. The laser stimulates the cell's photoreceptors  restoring it to a normal level of energy and function allowing healing to take place. This results in:

  • Pain relief
  • Reduced inflammation and swelling
  • Improved circulation
  • Better lymphatic drainage
  • Increased range of motion
  • Healing of both recent and old injuries


Scientific studies show the effectiveness of this treatment and our initial patients have reported good results. Check out our YouTube videos of two of our patients, one with chronic elbow pain and another with longstanding low back issues.

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