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We value our patients' experience at The Gleason Center

Would you like to see your own story here? If so, please complete the following Patient Experience Questionnaire. It is in Adobe Acrobat format, and requires the free Acrobat Reader to view.
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You can read patients' comments on this page or go to Video Testimonials to watch patient testimonials on YouTube.

"Life has given me the chance to observe a number of medical offices of many different types of Doctors in the last years. Today I experience another one and that observations led me to want to send this note to perhaps just Accentuate the positive. I metaphorically give your entire Office a Blue Ribbon and a bunch of Gold Stars.

A while ago I was in the waiting room and watched your staff greet an older man who was obviously a new patient and rather intimidated, unsure of what to do, where to go, what to say and he was put at ease with heart felt energy, kind words and warm smiles. I watched his trepidation turn to a sense of I can do this…

I have come in and seen the staff comforting someone who was having a hard time and sorrows. I could see a bubble of iridescent energy sent to surround that person with compassion, support and empathy.

I see eyes light up when someone comes in and that is so much better than the slide of a glass partition a smile that does not make it to the eyes and a “may I help you”.  At Gleason Chiropractic Center, people are greeted and welcomed instead of being treated like a patient about to be “processed”.

I know that the staff has an understanding of energy and I am not sure if it is a consciously practiced but there is a sense of Namaste in your office that is not found in other offices I have been in.

I cannot say I see it every single time but your crew is far above the rest in setting the tone for a healing experience.

Blessings. It just seems like good things should be said and not just thought." - Sherry

"I had constant sharp pain in my shoulder which required me to immobilize my arm, ice my shoulder and take narcotic pain medication every 4 hours.  Dr. Gleason suggested trying cold laser therapy and within a day of the first treatment, I had a small but definite increase in my range of motion.  After 2 treatments I was able to get off the ice and vicodin and after the fourth treatment, I had full range of motion on mo meds.  I look forward to continuing with the laser to heal the area and prevent any future excruciating events like the one that stopped my world a week ago." - Lisa

"In 2009 I was on statins (Lipitor).  My cholesterol was 163 (LDL 89, HDL 59), triglycerides 76.  My statin side effects were vomitting and diarrhea about 1.5 hours after taking the pill.  My lab results after quitting statins in 2012 were: cholesterol 218 (LDL 128, HDL 54), triglycerides 179.  The last time I took a statin resulted in a rash that lasted a day and a half.  I had switched from Lipitor to a generic statin and that's the one that gave me the nasty side effects.  I switched statins to save money, but now I find that supplements are costing me less than the statin prescription! My last blood test, while taking supplements in 2014 were: cholesterol 197 (LDL 118,HDL 56), triglycerides 113." - Jim

"Words can't express how my life has changed since I finally have a doctor that listens and acknowledges what you tell him. Through testing, Dr. Dan was able to get to the bottom of my problems and through taking proper supplements, I have been able to correct many of my problems. Dr. Dan is like a miracle in my life.  He cures the problem instead of just covering up the symptoms. I feel so blessed to have found him!" - Kathryn

"I started seeing Dr. Dan because of problems with my hip and back. He told me that one day I would need a hip replacement, but that he would work with me and help me with delaying the need for surgery as long as possible. I credit Taiji, stretching, positive affirmations, as well as the nutritional supplements, adjustments, and moral support I received from Dr. Dan with keeping me moving far longer than my surgeon imagined I could! Together, we delayed the surgery for about five years. After my December 7, 2006 surgery, I continued working with Dr. Dan during my healing process. I had to relearn to walk and overcome the muscle compensation I developed prior to having surgery. I would like my story to give hope to people in chronic pain and show there are ways, in addition to medication, of helping your body to heal and thrive." - Susan

"Dan and the Gang are the best. Dan is very knowledgeable and forward thinking. The staff is flexible and will bring you back to your normal vigorous self in record time. They are always looking out for your best interests...what more could you ask for?" - Betty

"Dan Gleason ("Magic Fingers") rocks!! I had such severe back and leg sciatic pain that I walked around the house backwards using a baseball bat as a cane. I visited MDs who gave me pain pills that didn't touch it and other chiropractors who did multiple adjustments with little improvement. Then I heard of Dan Gleason who combines kinesiology with chiropractics. He is the reason I walk today! Using muscle testing techniques, he showed me what muscle groups we needed to work on. His holistic approach looks at muscular, dietary, emotional factors - the whole picture - treating the root causes instead of treating the symptoms." - Lynne

"I find that coming for a monthly appointment keeps me in good shape." - Mary

"Dan's the top of the top. He's kept me going strong for nearly 30 years. His straight forward way of get-em-healed so they don't need to return flies in the face of most healers. I would like to suggest to anyone who might be hesitant about seeing a chiropractor that Dan's way beyond that. He understands, listens and gets you going again. Don't hesitate; in the end you'll ask yourself, why didn't I see Dan years before? He's the best!" - Mark

"I found that in order to lose weight I had to become healthy. Once I resolved the health issues one at a time then I started making progress following a diet, exercising and losing weight. This process is built on progress. It needs to be spread out over time-like taking a class." - Bette

"Dr. Dan and his staff have a true compassion for a healthier you; all you have to do is want it. You will be amazed at the experience and knowledge Dr. Dan uses to help in the healing process." -  Kathy


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