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Check out this press release from a Detroit area orthopedist on three recent cases or read the following testimonials by patients of The Gleason Center.

 "After back surgery I was in a great deal of pain, not able to walk well. I started with six laser treatments and went on to have ten. I have felt wonderful ever since. I have told several people about my experience. Thank you so much!"  Joan

For almost two years I had been having trouble with my legs and hips. I thought I would need a hip replacement. Dr. Gleason recommended six laser treatments. After the second treatment I no longer had the pain in my hips when walking or working on my hands and knees. After each treatment I did everything I normal do and still felt no pain. By the end of the six treatments it was as if I never had a problem."  Sandy

"I have had problems with my GI function for years and recently had a bad yeast infection in the small intestine that made me very ill. Dr. Gleason suggested that I try laser treatments on the abdominal area to see if it would help. After four or five treatments I began to feel better for the first time in months."  Moonyeen

"After my medical doctor decided I would require surgery for a torn rotator cuff, I opted to do laser treatment first. When Dr. Gleason and the staff tried new pressure points and six laser treatments much progress was obvious. Three more treatments brought the healing. I now have no pain and total use of the arm."  Barb

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