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Website_002_1_1.jpgApplied Kinesiology is the study of how the body moves. Dr. Gleason and Dr. Weessies use postural analysis and manual muscle testing to evaluate the way each patient's body functions. In this way, he can help them to discover WHY they are experiencing physical problems and WHAT they can do to relieve them.

Your Personal Path to Health is a way to resolve underlying health problems, including weight gain.  With the goal of healing, The Gleason Center takes a comprehensive approach that uses cutting edge tests. The doctors regularly present complimentary lectures to explain these tests and the outcomes that are possible by following the protocol.

drg5.jpgDetoxification Programs cleanse the body of environmental toxins such as pesticides, petrochemicals, heavy metals, household cleaning products, cosmetics and growth enhancing hormones in our food. A cleansing diet of organic foods combined with nutritional and herbal supplements produces benefits such as normalized appetite, weight loss, increased energy and improved memory. Please see upcoming events for further information about our detox programs.

P1000844_1.JPGNutritional Supplements can help people of all ages to see significant improvements in a wide range of health problems ranging from pain, inflammation, fatigue and hormone imbalances to digestive issues. We believe in the motto "Test, don't guess" when it comes to prescribing supplementation.

Hormone Balancing can regulate metabolic and reproductive processes, helping your body's powerful chemical messengers to work in concert like the instruments in an orchestra. To help patients balance their hormones our doctors assess their history and lifestyle and often recommends salivary hormone testing to determine the levels that are right at each stage of life.

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